Vancouver Summer Program UBC (VSP UBC) 2024

ASDa is pleased to offer our new Vancouver Summer Programs at UBC (VSP UBC) 2024 package named Science - Statistics and Data Science to international students. Package consisting of two courses.

Course 1, titled Statistical Literacy and Reasoning in Data Science courses in UBC, is focused on diving into the core of data understanding, and developing statistical literacy and reasoning skills to make informed, data-driven decisions. From study design to data collection, the students will master the essentials, and gain hands-on experience through practical exercises, assignments, and a group project. Students will unlock their potential to organize, analyze, and present data effectively.

Course 2, titled University of British Columbia Data Science Tools and Advanced Modeling Techniques, is focued on equiping the students with the latest data science tools. Students will learn data manipulation, advanced statistical models, and delve into the world of neural networks and deep learning. Participants will master Git for version control and collaborative, reproducible research and will learn how to leverage statistical reasoning for impactful data storytelling, data visualization and communication.


Register via Central VSP website