Data Science for Social Good (DSSG) Summer Program

As in the previous four summers, ASDa is pleased to provide workshops for this years student teams in the DSSG Summer program, training undergraduate and graduate students from diverse backgrounds. Topics include R, graphics with ggplot2, data manipulation with dplyr, reproducible research with R, Makefile, git, gitLab and Rmarkdown, introduction to machine learning, and introduction to statistical modeling techniques such as linear regression, mixed effect models, logistic, Poisson and Negative Binomial regression and splines. ASDa will also continue to provide systems, applications and IT support for each of the student projects.

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In this 14-week full-time program (May - August, 2021), selected UBC DSSG Fellows compose three teams with each team working on a different research project from public, government and non-profit organizations. These projects involve analyzing multiple data sets and have an applied social good component for urban-related topics.